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Rich Swingle has performed on five continents, 28 nations and in hundreds of venues with his one-man plays and workshops (listed here). The dynamic nature of his work can fill as little as ten minutes in a larger presentation or as much as a full week of workshops. He has performed at churches, colleges, retreats, camps, prisons, a military base, theatres from Off-Broadway to The Kennedy Center, film, radio, and CD-ROM.

For the Beginners Bible video series, distributed by Sony Wonder, he did 20 roles including Jesus, Adam, and the Serpent. He has performed voice-overs and on-screen roles in several commercials and 14 movies. He has performed and/or taught workshops in over 40 colleges or universities, including Namseoul University, Korea, Memphis University, and he co-leads a workshop annually at Princeton. Rich also spoke at the Ivy League Congress on Faith and Action, hosted by the Harvard University chapter of Christian Union.

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