Promoting the Event

Secure the performer early;Finalize the contract and lock in the date/venue start with "word-of-mouth"--still the best form of advertising utilize the brochure, photos and other print publicity materials we provide plan a phone interview with the performer--it can be used in radio ads schedule the performer on a radio call-in program pray for the performer, and engage your group in prayer for the event!

Fees and Schedules: Some things to consider:
Matching the realities of organizational budgets with performer needs is one of our most important functions; as a presenter you need to plan for:

Here are some tips for keeping the booking withing budget:

  • fees are based on the length and number of performances, ancillary work (e.g. workshops), amount of time spent traveling to the location and reputation of the performer (each actor has a "fee range" they work within)
  • you can reduce the fee for one performance by "block booking" the performer multiple times, either within your group or with other organizations in your area
  • look for ways to tap different budgets within your organization performers will ask for airfare or a standard ($.31 per mile) rate for driving; again, block booking can share these expenses between organizations or funds
  • you may have people in your group who will help with expenses (a travel agent to get discount fares, a free hotel room, meals, etc).
  • Saturday stay-overs usually reduce the cost of plane tickets; try to schedule enough work to utilize the performers over a weekend
  • NOTE: we avoid keeping performers in an area on days in which they will not be working--"dead days"

Making the performance fit the event

  • some performers offer a fixed program (such as the scripture shows)
  • most performances can be adjusted for time (to fit a predefined format or to fit within an existing program)
  • some performers have hours of material--you can select short pieces from their repertoire
  • some performers will create original material, or adapt existing pieces, to fit your event closel

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