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Revelation ProjectTom Key’s solo performance of the last book of the Bible is adapted to a musical theatre format in The Revelation Project. With the backing of seven readers, a full choir, instrumentalists and soloists (all provided by the sponsoring organization) Tom’s virtuoso performance takes on greater depth and power. Musical selections are drawn from Handel’s Messiah, hymn texts and other sources; local actors and musicians have the opportunity to share the stage with Tom in this moving theatrical/musical performance of The Revelation of John.

"An actor with such energy that even standing still, he seems to quiver like a divining rod." -Kurt Holman Creative Loafing

Length: 90 minutes with a 10-15 minute intermission.

Required: full choir, 7 readers, soloists (male and female), solo cello, piano and organ.
(The musical selections are well known and add a depth and impact to the performance that is simply stunning. We provide the list of music and consultation/direction of the staging is also available.)

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