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Cotton Patch Gospel Cotton Patch Gospel—a jubilant retelling of what happens when, in 1936, Jesus shows up in Georgia! (off-Broadway, Los Angeles, NBC Special "Harry Chapin's Cotton Patch - 1985 and 1983 Dramalogue Award for Outstanding Achievement in Theater, 1985 Best Actor Nomination, Los Angeles Drama Critics'Circle)

'It's a pretty tall order,' all right, to be Jesus. Performer extraordinaire Tom Key [is] an actor's revelation, marvelous. His voice, flexible, strong, expressive, almost transcends vocal limits. His articulation, like his timing, is perfection. He switches in a flicker from one character to its opposite. He's an expert as nuance: his movement is graceful, kinetic and vigorous, acrobatic with leaps, bound and heel-clicking exuberance. Here's an American actor of consummate skill, to judge by the evidence, who can rank with the best of the British." Jacques le Sourd Gannett Newspapers review of Cotton Patch Gospel

60 minutes.

Set Required: table and chair.

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